a show curated by eric troncy

Collection Lambert en Avignon, Summer 2003

Coollustre is the continuation of two exhibitions conceived by Eric Troncy:
Dramatically Different (Le Magasin, Grenoble, 1997)
and Weather Everything (Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig 1998)

A new, lavishly illustrated publication designed by M/M (Paris), uniting installation views in situ of Coollustre, as well Éric Troncy’s other exhibitions in the trilogy Dramatically Different and Weather Everything is available in good art bookstores and through Les Presses du Réel.

Eric Troncy: « Since 1989, all the exhibitions for which I have vindicated, in turn, the status of organizer, curator and now auteur, this three-part cycle, concluded by Coollustre, explores diverse questions relative to the very notion of an exhibition.
The method is the same for the three exhibitions of this cycle: a precise choice of works from the last forty years, certain of which are well known to the public, more often simply via reproduction, other lesser known works are presented in small, voluntarily narrative-based ensembles, certain spectacularly so. In each room, the representational character (more exactly in the case of Coollustre, ‘realistic’ character of the artworks) permits the spectator to form a story, a narrative. This ‘story’, does not in anyway forbid, nor hinder an individual appreciation of each artwork. It is in sum, a proposition of a temporary situation that does not then rely upon a thematic, generational nor geographic alibi. In fact, this ‘story’ is the raison d’être of the exhibition. It is the actual idea of the collection which is at stake – the Collection Lambert en Avignon gives this experience a logical context, This exhibition being presented as a temporary collection, interrogating along the way questions of hanging, presentation and display.

Like in a film, the ensemble of these stories, narratives (like scenes) compose a story. In this way, the exhibition builds itself all along the path of the exhibition, which takes the visitor through the ensemble of rooms of the hôtel de Caumont. Each moment of the path has been scrupulously thought out, from its introduction to its conclusion.
£he exhibition has been put together, dictated by the extraordinarily multiple constraints which can weigh upon the person who wishes to ‘do the exhibition’: for which it is not futile to be reminded that it is the market that creates these constraints. Despite the stupefying expansion of these constraints, Coollustre is (at least at the moment that I write this, before the exhibition has actually taken place) probably the most ambitious and the most resolved show, spectacle in the cycle.»

Featuring works by:
John Armleder
Robert Barry
Bernard Buffet
Angela Bulloch
Jake & Dinos Chapman
Stéphane Dafflon
Sylvie Fleury
Gloria Friedmann
Katharina Fritsch
Kendell Geers
Piero Gilardi
Liam Gillick
Robert Gober
Steven Gontarski
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Mark Handforth
Jenny Holzer
Pierre Huyghe
Wendy Jacobs
On Kawara
Anselm Kiefer
Koo Jeong-a
Bertrand Lavier
Claude Lévêque
Sol LeWitt
Didier Marcel
Allan McCollum
M/M (Paris)
Sarah Morris
Helmut Newton
Philippe Parreno
Pino Pascali
Richard Phillips
Ugo Rondinone
Thomas Ruff
Bruno Serralongue
Niele Toroni
Gavin Turk
Xavier Veilhan
Jean-Luc Verna
Andy Warhol
Lawrence Weiner
Franz West