CroCroTraUmAx 2.0

The CroCroTraUmAx project was developped during a workshop in Ecal, Ecole Cantonale
d'Art de Lausanne, in 1997 in collaboration with Cornel Windlin, as a global reflection
on the "permeability" of graphic design in the "digital era".

It consists in a copyright-free collection of symbols and images.
Signs are gathered in a Postscript Mac font while images are available as complete sets.

Everything is available to download here.

download the font
[152 Ko]

download the hygienics pictures set
[1 Mo]

download the nu skool hippies pictures set
[1,1 Mo]

download the new body language pictures set
[12,9 Mo]

download the photopictograms pictures set
[12,2 Mo]

download the chips pictures set
[2,3 Mo]

try the game! (Mac OS Classic required)
[728 Ko]

Tech notes: Files are Mac only, and are compressed with StuffIt and encoded in BinHex format.
If your browser does not decompress the files automatically, please use StuffItExpander.

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