Tokyo Palace In Memoriam

The Tokyo Palace font was originally designed as the only identity/communication tool for the Palais de Tokyo, when the project of this contemporary art space in Paris was initiated by Nicolas Bourriaud and Jérôme Sans in 2000.

Rather than imposing a so-called corporate identity for a space that was yet to be determined, the choice was made to create an economical, ecological and "light" identity, which would be only based on a simple typeface derivated from generic computer-screen bitmap fonts, in which was added a series of characters and pictograms. This font was provided to all services at the Palais, allowing all communication tools to be generated from the inside, with no set rules or corporate guidelines.

More like a voice that you get used to hear and recognise instantly, even if transmitted over a bad phone line.

Now that this font is no longer in use, we have decided to offer it through free download, so it could pursue its own life, out of any control.

© M/M (Paris), October 2006

download the font

File is a compressed .zip archive containing pc (truetype) and mac (postscript and truetype) versions of the font. if you need help for decompression and installation, check this page.