xn 00: cinéma

As graphic designers, we think that we have the opportunity of use various communication networks simultaneously to spread our ideas: very specialized ones as well as those of the general public. We do continually vary the formats of our interventions, as they can be a single image, a record sleeve, a contribution to fashion magazines, a conference, a book, a worldwide advertising campaign...

We consider art colleges to be one of these networks, and probably one of the most important out of all of them. Therefore we are conducting regulary workshops, which we conceive as "experimental production time spaces" always based on real-scale graphic design project. The body of work produced during those worshop belongs then as much to the students than to us.

We present here the results of our last workshop conducted in ECAL (École Cantonnale d'art de Lausanne, Switzerland), which happened between the 29th of november and 3rd of december 1999.

Two months prior to this workshop, we were asked to conceive the general design project for the communication of a contempory art exhibition in Chalon-sur-Saone (France) called Xn 00. As described by Lionel Bovier, its curator: "Xn 00 confronts questions of production and exhibition, of the institution's ability to host the multitude of shapes art takes, of temporary occupation of a place against the permanent adaptation of the real."

In such a specfic context, to reevaluate the role of communication design was one of our main priority. As this art space is equipped with two cinema theaters, we choosed to use them as our main "propaganda" tool for this event. Giving the students the opportunity and the freedom to select some films, they constructed their ideal movie program, as you will do at home with your video or DVD player, and consequently produced a series of 14 amazing film posters. These films were screened in Chalon-sur-Saone during the exhibition between 1/23/00 and 4/9/00, and all the 14 posters were displayed throughout the city during that period.

the posters
the man who fell to earth
les nains aussi ont commencé petits
la bonne conduite
les biches
le mans
the ice storm
blue lagoon
the goonies
l'homme des casernes
effie briest
2001 a space odyssey
les goonies